"The Genesis of Grace" by Pastor Charles Fleming - This is the first message in a new series, The Genesis Of Grace. Many people seem to think that they prefer the God of the New Testament to the God of the Old Testament and seem unconvinced that He is the same in the Old and the New Testaments. So is there any truth to this idea? This message deals with just that issue and more.
"You Belong" by Pastor Charles Fleming - We all need to feel that we belong, and yet sometimes we don't feel that we belong anywhere. Zacchaeus was a man who really didn't belong, but through meeting Jesus he experienced what it was to finally be accepted. This message is an invitation from God the Father to let you know that you belong with Him and with His family.
"Build Yourself Up In The Most Holy Faith" by Glyn Clark - Looks at what the non-negotiables of the Christian faith are according to scripture and the importance of building ourselves up in our faith so that we can build others up accordingly.
"Who Do You Think You Are?" by Amanda Turner - Identity is one of our biggest life challenges, our background, our upbringing, our history, our body image, our roles, our labels and titles, all help to shape us, but ironically the combination of all of this sometimes seems to only add to our confusion and make us ultimately less certain of our identity. In a society where people are increasingly expressing under confidence in identity as individuals as well as in our moral and national cultural, this message explores who we really are.
"Watch Out The Fire Starter Is About" by Pastor Charles Fleming - A warning of how easy it is to end up allowing destructive fires to ignite in our lives which take hold and wreck things around us that are of Godly value. This message informs us very practically in regard to preventing those fires getting started in the first place and who's really behind them.
"That I Might Know Him" by Pauline Horobin - How amazing it is that we can know God and not just know about Him. With our hectic modern lifestyles it's easy to end distracted by FaceTime or various forms of social media as we're bombarded with trivia rather than anything of great value, especially in the eternal scheme of things. The prophet Hosea says, 'Let us press on to know the Lord' the promise is that if we do He will come to us and make Himself known to us.
"Worship & Prophetic Contributions" by Shekinah Congregation - The Apostle Paul said that faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word (inspired, living, spoken word) of Christ; in 1 Corinthians the Apostle Paul also says what we should expect when we meet together to worship, each one of us should be ready to bring a spiritual contribution that will encourage and build up everyone else gathered. The contributions in this podcast were brought in one such worship service, listen and be encouraged.
"The Best Gift Ever from The God Who Hears" by various members of Shekinah's congregation - The gift of knowing Jesus, from the best gift ever, to the God who hears, knows and cares, to renewed strength and vision for life, healing, release and freedom, how can you not want to know more of Jesus?
"Get Ready! Get Ready! Get Ready!" by Keith Horobin - a powerful message to encourage us in positioning our lives rightly before God in preparation for fresh anointing so that we can minister effectively in the things that God has called us into. Get ready for a new season in which God does new things through you!
"For Such A Time As This" by Pastor Charles Fleming - Is life more than just the pursuit of our individual happiness? Has God got a bigger plan in mind, that if we're not careful we could miss? As our 'selfie' emphasised culture gains increasing influence over all our lives it's easy to end up focused on what we can personally get out of everything, including our relationship with Christ. We often end up judging things by how convenient they are for us, whether they make us feel good or not and how we can make our lives more comfortable. Let's not miss our part in God's bigger plan for our lives.