"Hold On He’s Coming And His Recompense Is In His Hand" by Lib Fleming - Through the book of Job we learn so much about faith and the patience required to keep us going through wearying times in full confidence that in the end God is a rewarder of those who are faithful to Him.
"Down, But Not Out!" by Pastor Charles Fleming - Life has a lot of hard knocks, sometimes we can wonder whether we're going to survive them, this message will encourage you if you're feeling punch-drunk by life, it will strengthen you ready for the knocks of life, and it will resinate with you if you've survived being 'down, but not out!'
"Smoke the Bees!" by Pastor Charles Fleming - How God turns the things that are designed to harm us into the things that bring forth good. Another great message in our series on the miraculous.
"The Honey Is In The Rock" by Pastor Charles Fleming. This is the first message in a mini series on how God can always bring good for us out of the most arduous and challenging circumstances and situations of our lives. If you are going through difficulty this message will certainly encourage you.
"The Ingredients For A Miracle" by Pastor Charles Fleming. Another very powerful message in our series on miracles; some of the congregation experienced the Holy Spirit coming on them powerfully during the message being preached - the Holy Spirit isn't limited to just the day that this message was delivered, if you are hungry for more of Jesus in your life this message is for you and the Holy Spirit is waiting to minister to you.
"The Anguish Of The Soul" by Charles Fleming. This very powerful message led to many people being set free by the Holy Spirit - He isn't limited to just the day that this message was delivered, if you have anguish in your life this message is for you and the Holy Spirit is waiting to meet you.
"Take Courage My Friend" by Pastor Charles Fleming. This message is for anyone who has become weary waiting for the fulfilment of the promises of God in life, it will encourage and renew your hope and refresh your faith. A number of really inspiring testimonies precede the message. We trust that you will enjoy what you hear.
"Covenant Service" by the end of each year, as a Church, we are ready to reaffirm our Covenant with God, so it's the first thing we do at the beginning of a new year. In this podcast Marina Rule leads our thoughts and contemplations so that we can be in the best place for the Holy Spirit to lead us forward into the coming year with renewed faith.
"Take Heart I Have Overcome The World" by Lib Fleming. If you ever feel that the reality of this world is getting on top of you Jesus is the One who can enable you to 'Take heart'. This message is part of our weekly preaching series from the Gospel of John, if you take the time to listen the Holy Spirit will give you the heart you need to overcome your circumstances, no matter how difficult they may be.
"Stuart Bell – The Power Of A Seed" by